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It ever so happens in the advertising world that the cooks concocting a delicious advertising campaign, add too many creative juices of their own, and invariably serve something well below expectations. Sometimes the vision of the copy team is not met by the designs and sometimes the art works created by the design team do not have suitable copies to match them.  There is connection missing between the designs and the copies that stop the resulting campaign from ever reaching its true potential.

Perhaps, this is an accurate adaptation of the quote, “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

There is, therefore, a need for a medium to unite the creativity of both sides, and provide a single direction towards which all efforts can be effectively targeted; a medium that provides clarity and helps simplify all complexities; a medium that acts as a guide throughout the creative process.

That medium is the creative brief.

A creative brief is a roadmap designed by the person who creates the defining thoughts behind a project or campaign. It is an objective-based document that is extremely result oriented. Once the creative brief has been made, every team member working on that project would have to follow the parameters of the brief and direct his/her work to fit this framework. It helps save time and contributes to coordinal functioning of the creative time in the long run.

It keeps everyone on the same page.

The key parameters of every creative brief are:

  • Target Group: The audience to whom the creative communication has to be delivered.
  • Desired Customer Action: The final action taken by customer, influenced by the agency’s communication, as desired by the business.
  • Brand Personality & Tonality: Convert the business into a person and add the personality traits required for it to be the targeted brand. Then define the kinds of tone and linguistic framework this person would follow. This will help construct the most appropriate messages to the consumers.
  • Net Takeaway: The results of all the creative communication efforts on the brand
  • Execution Mandate: Listing down all technical rules to be followed by the creative team

 To put it in simple terms, making a creative brief is like creating an itinerary based on the tourist’s requirements, to make one hell of a memorable trip!


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